Little Black Wardrobe [from Hanes]

Hanes Bra Socks

For years, they warned me, “Wait til we get our HANES on you“.  As a pubescent preteen of the 90′s, I couldn’t help but wonder what they meant, exactly.  Was that a threat?  With so much pent up anticipation, let’s be real:  I couldn’t wait til they got their HANES on me!  Now a big girl, I’ve readily and willingly handed my body over, and I couldn’t be happier.

To take it a step further, I should also mention I have a fetish for black undergarments — probably because they are slimming.  Bra, socks, ‘hose, underpants — you name it.  Otherwise known as my “Little Black Wardrobe”,  I wear ‘em from gym to work and wherever else I go.  They make me so happy — see!

Hanes Little Black Wardrobe StaplesHanes SocksHanes Bra SocksHanes bra (gifted) / Forever 21 pull-over, $19 / Reebok Pants via Marshalls, $20 / Hanes socks (gifted) / New Balance running shoes via Amazon, $60

Hanes HosieryHanes Hosiery TightsYes, I changed my hair.  No, this picture does not do it justice.  Stay tuned for photos that show off my bangin’ bangs…

H&M dress, $14 / Hanes tights (gifted) / Anne Klein pumps via Amazon, $25

   Disclosure: undergarments were provided by Hanes. Opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands and collaborations that make Style at a $teal possible!


DIY Wedne$day: Freezer Shoe Stretch

DIY Stretch Shoes

Buying shoes online always scores me a better deal than in-store.  Unfortunately it’s a gamble since I’m never certain what size to go with.  When a pair runs big – no worries – I  shove a little stuffing in the toe, but when the shoe is a tad too small, the fix is a little more involved.

It seems like an unlikely combination, you know, putting shoes where you keep food. But, if I can recall, Carrie Bradshaw stored sweaters in the oven.  That’s enough justification for mixing kitchen appliances with fashion items.  Anyway, here’s how to stretch footwear using your freezer.

DIY Stretch ShoesDIY Shoe StretchStretch shoes in FreezerMarshall’s Pants, $20, Amazon (Steve Madden) Heels, $24

Tiger Pride + Celebratory Events

Baseball Tee

This weekend, I faced an awful conundrum.  You see, my Saturday was perfectly planned: errands in the morning, 3:30pm Tigers play, 7pm dinner and late night was reserved for a friend’s birthday party.  But then, something awful happened — I discovered the time of the ballgame had been moved to the evening hour.  Not only did I have to rearrange my plans for the entire day, but I also had to figure out an outfit that showed my Tiger pride and was appropriate enough for celebratory events.  It’s tough being me.

Here’s what I whipped together:

DSC_0720DSC_0703Necklace + ScarfBaseball TeeFrancesca’s Necklace, $7 / Urban Outfitters Scarf, $10 / Gap Tee, $13 / Marshall’s Black Pants, $20 / Amazon (Steve Madden) Pumps, $24 … Total = $74

Unfortunately, my winning outfit wasn’t such good luck.  If you haven’t heard yet, Detroit sadly lost to Boston in Game 6 of the American League Championship Series — in other words means they won’t be playing in the World Series.  Despite injuries, errors and a supposed “big gun” who forgot how to play ball, I have to commend the team on an impressive run.  Really thought 2013 was our year, but I guess we just have to be patient – our time is coming soon.